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Nigerian Scam >> Nigerian 419 scam

Nigerian 419 scam

Global Scam:


The global scam seen in following countries:

  • Russia
  • Southeast Asia
  • Australia
  • New Zealand

and also in the US. which involves the receipt of an unwelcome letter claiming to come from somebody who claims to work for the Nigerian Central Bank or from the Nigerian government. The Central Bank of Nigeria actually denies all connection to those who promote this spam scheme.

In the letter, a Nigerian scam baiters claiming to be a senior civil servant would inform the recipient that he is seeking a honest foreign company into whose account he could deposit funds ranging from $10-$60 million which the Nigerian government actually overpaid on some procurement contract.

Nigerian Advance Fee Scam:


The Nigerian Advance Fee Scam(419 scam)had been existed around for quite a while, but despite many warnings it continues to draw in many victims.

In fact, the Financial Crimes Division of the Secret Service receives about 100 telephone calls from victims/potential victims and 300-500 letter pieces of related correspondence per day about this 419 scam! Indications are that the advance fee fraud grabs hundreds of millions of dollars yearly and the losses are continuing to escalate.

Nigerian frauds:


The Nigerian Advance Fee Scheme also known as nigerian frauds after the section of the Nigerian penal code which addresses fraud schemes is usually targeted at small and the medium sized businesses, plus charities.

Goal of scammers:

  • The goal of the nigerian scammers is to delude the victim into thinking that he or she has been singled out to take part in a very lucrative, although questionable, arrangement.
  • The intended victim is reassured of the genuineness of the arrangement by fake or false documents manner in fact official Nigerian government letterhead, seals, with false letters of credit, payments schedules and the bank drafts.
  • Scam email senders might even establish the credibility of his contacts, and thereby his influence, by arranging a meeting between the victim and "government officials" in real or may be with fake government offices.
  • Once the victim becomes confident of the ultimate success of the deal and something goes wrong. The victim who trusted this nigerian scam email is then pressured or even threatened to provide one or more large sums of money to save the existing venture.


An official would demand a frank bribe or with an unforeseen tax or fee to the Nigerian government would have to be paid before the money could actually be transferred. Each fee paid is been described as the very last fee required. The scheme might be prolonged out over many months.

Scammers-true facts:

  • scam baiters could be physically dangerous as well as dangerous to your finances.
  • Victims are roughly always requested to travel to Nigeria or to the border country to total a transaction. They are often told that a visa would not be necessary to enter the country.
  • 419 Nigerian scam artists could try bribing airport officials to pass the victims through Immigration and Customs. Because it is a very serious offense in Nigeria to enter without a valid visa, the victim's illegal entry might be used by the 419 Scam physimailers as leverage to coerce the victims into releasing funds. Violence and threats of cal harm might be employed for further pressure to victims.
  • In June of 1995, an American was also murdered in Lagos, Nigeria, while pursuing a 419 scam, and numerous other foreign nationals have been reported as missing.


Avoid these 419 scams like the disease! Don't let promises of huge amounts of money impair your judgment?

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*** Most importantly know: Do not get into the 419 scam plan!!! ***

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